The Acoustic Sessions

Why on earth did epitaph come up with the idea of doing an acoustic album?

While rehearsing for the 2012 benefit concert in Hanover, they were running through a few numbers with fiddle-player Tim Reese. Being in a relatively small room, Cliff and Heinz were using acoustic guitars. This unplugged rehearsal session sounded so good to Bernie that he immediately disappeared to pick up his Ibanez acoustic bass guitar.

Achim enjoys drumming to anything, and is a master at adapting his style to suit any occasion, so a quick run-through turned into a session that left everyone on such a high that they decided to include some acoustic numbers in the Hanover gig.

As Cliff said, “Most of the Epitaph numbers were written on acoustic guitars anyway, so it’s really just a bit back-to-the-roots.”

The acoustic numbers included live on stage were Big City,In Your Eyes and Visions, and even the hardest electric heads and greatest Epitaph aficionados were blown away. The requests for an acoustic album came in thick and fast.

The Acoustic Sessionsis set for release in Spring 2014


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