Danger Man

After Epitaph’s American experiences in the 70’s (3 tours in the USA) it is hardly surprising that this is considered their most commercial album. Recorded at the Hitpoltstein Studios in Bavaria in February of 1982, it is indeed heavily influenced by the American rock of the time. It’s release the same year unfortunately coincided with the height of the Neue Deusche Welle, resulting in it being buried and forgotten until the brilliant remastering by Friedel Muders at Fuego and Roger Wahlmann at Cliff Studios gave it a new lease of life. Danger Man now sounds as though it was recorded yesterday, not 28 years ago. A special treat on this remastered album is the inclusion of two bonus tracks. Good Times is the only cover version Epitaph ever made. Written by the legendary George Young (big brother of AC/DC’s Angus and Malcolm) it was originally recorded by The Easybeats in 1968. The other bonus track is a live version of Ain´t No Liar recorded at the Musiktheater Piano in Dortmund on the 91th of Nov 2011 .This funky, reworked version of Epitaphs concert favourite includes part of Long Live the Children. just to show the epitaph is still alive and kicking after 40 years on the road A further note of interest is that the band hated the original cover design, but the label ignored their veto. This time around a great album has a great cover.

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